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How SHA-256 works

If you've heard of ‘SHA’ in various forms but aren't sure what it stands for or why it's essential — you’re in luck! We'll attempt to shed some light on the family of cryptographic hash algorithms today. But, before we get into SHA, let's go over what a hash function
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What is quantum cryptography?

If the concept of ‘quantum cryptography' sounds complicated to you, you're right. That’s why this ‘encryption tutorial for dummies’ shall demystify the concept and provide an explanation in layman’s terms. Quantum cryptography, which has been around for a few decades, is becoming more and more important to our
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What is End-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption has been introduced by many communication providers in recent years, notably WhatsApp and Zoom. Although those companies have tried to explain the concept to their user base several times, we believe they failed. Whilst it's clear that these platforms have increased security, most don’t know how or
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Why Zero-Knowledge Encryption is the best

In this year of our lord, 2022, the term ‘Zero-Knowledge Encryption’ equates to best-in-class data insurance. We’ve already written an article named “What is Zero-Knowledge Proof?”, so we’re not going to look at definitions here, but rather, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of Zero-Knowledge
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What is Zero-knowledge Proof?

It is rare for technologies to be born from ambitious philosophical concepts or mind games. But, when it comes to security and cryptography – everything is a riddle. One of such riddles is ‘How can you prove that you know a secret without giving it away?’. Or in other words, ‘how
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What is password hashing and salting?

Cryptography is both beautiful and terrifying. Perhaps a bit like your ex-wife. Despite this, it represents a vital component of day-to-day internet security; without it, our secrets kept in the digital world would be exposed to everyone, even your employer. I doubt you’d want information regarding your sexual preferences
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