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What is the IEEE 802.11 Standard and its security?

Despite the fact that Wi-Fi is a trademark owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance, an organization committed to certifying that Wi-Fi equipment fulfills the IEEE's set of 802.11 wireless standards, the name ‘Wi-Fi’ is associated with wireless access in general nowadays. These specifications, which include 802.11b (pronounced "Eight-O-Two-Eleven-Bee," omitting
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What is Zero-knowledge Proof?

It is rare for technologies to be born from ambitious philosophical concepts or mind games. But, when it comes to security and cryptography – everything is a riddle. One of such riddles is ‘How can you prove that you know a secret without giving it away?’. Or in other words, ‘how
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SSL best practices to improve your security

Security, security, security… There is no way one can underestimate the importance of it when it comes to caring for private files and sensitive data. As long as the world of cybersecurity is privy to the constant conflict between hackers and programmers, fully protecting yourself and your business will forever
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