PKI – A Crash Course

Imagine you’re a system administrator at Home Depot. Just as you’re about to head home, you notice that your network has just authorized the connection of a new air-conditioner. Nothing too peculiar, right? The next morning, you wake up to find that terabytes of data including logins, passwords

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Why do I need a password manager?

Good question; if you’re reading about password managers for the first time, you’re probably wondering why such a tool exists. Well, to help you out, we’ve compiled a ‘top three’ for password-related company pains. Moreover, we’ll illustrate how a password manager, like Password, can help you
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Comparing Costs of Password Managers for Business Use On-Premises vs. SaaS

Much of the level of actual cyber security of any business today depends on the password policy within the organization. Prime attack vector still today is social engineering, weak access codes, and improper password management solutions for businesses in use. Weak passwords can potentially compromise the whole organization. What is
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Application Design: Data-driven vs Domain-driven

Information technology is developing by leaps and bounds. There are new devices, platforms, operating systems, and a growing range of problems, which need to be solved by developers. But, it’s not so bad—new development tools, IDEs, new programming languages, methodologies, etc., rush to help programmers. The list of
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Market segmentation

Positioning is an important aspectPositioning is so important that, if this stage is skipped, all other efforts of promotion of the product could be ruined. Good positioning should be short, clear, and understandable. Therefore, it is often described in one sentence or is made to fit in a tweet. Positioning
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What is Growth Hacking

After initializing their first releases or MVP (first minimal product-release), startups are faced with the challenge of promoting and marketing on the Internet. If they do this through Yandex or Google AdWords, a single click designed to attract customers can cost $1 or more, and the cost of publishing a
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29 Best Useful Services To Protect Your Business

1. PureVPN PureVPN operates a self-managed VPN network that currently stands at 750+ Servers in 141 Countries & promises the fastest speed possible. Since we own our network, there are no third-parties involved and NO logs of your activities. 2. SSTP VPN Servicehttps://www.purevpn.
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8 Things You Should Consider Before Selecting A Corporate Password Manager

A couple of guesses... your mother's maiden name, your date of birth, your pet's name. And Bam! It's stolen. Password theft has become increasingly common. While the most infamous one was the 2014 Russian hacker incident when someone stole more than 1.2 billion passwords, it’s not the only
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