Introducing Passwork 6.0

This latest update demonstrates our focus on refining user experience and enhancing collaborative password management.

No longer will you need to create password copies in various vaults — we've introduced shortcuts. With these handy labels, you can easily organize access to passwords from different directories.

The new enhanced settings provide administrators with more control over configurations and user rights, and all changes require approvals, preventing any unintentional actions.

LDAP user management has now become simpler with its cleaner interface and background data updates.

In addition to that, Passwork 6.0 brings new notifications and interface improvements. All these enhancements contribute to a more comfortable user experience while ensuring the security of passwords and sensitive data.


Shortcuts are a new way to share passwords, enhancing collaboration flexibility. There's no need for creating password duplicates in different vaults — instead, create multiple shortcuts in required directories. All changes to original passwords are reflected in shortcuts, keeping your team up to date. Users can view or edit data via shortcuts according to their access rights.

Choose the directories where you would like to create shortcuts
View the complete list of shortcuts to passwords created in a specific vault

Sending passwords without granting partial access to vaults

Previous versions of Passwork encrypt passwords at the vault level. This type of encryption gives users partial access to vaults even when a single password is shared with them. Now, when users access passwords via their "Inbox" or a shortcut, they receive keys to specific passwords, but not their vaults.

Administrators can clearly see who has vault access rights, and who can only work with specific passwords.

Send passwords to users with necessary access rights
View the complete list of all passwords that were sent from a specific vault


The LDAP interface is now cleaner and more intuitive, with a reimagined user management logic. Adding new LDAP users is simpler and safer, especially with the client-side encryption enabled.

Previously, admins had to add an employee and provide a master password. Now, users set their master passwords upon the first login, and admins confirm them afterwards.

The "Users" tab shows registered users, and there is a separate window for adding new ones. LDAP user data updates take place in the background, allowing admins to navigate elsewhere without waiting for data refresh.

View your LDAP user list and add users to Passwork
Set up your LDAP integration in the updated interface

Passwork now provides more detailed security group information. The groups that are linked to roles are marked with special tags, and the groups which were not loaded from LDAP during the last update are marked as "Deleted", alerting admins to adjust the search settings or remove such groups. Also, you can now see the members of each security group.

Map your LDAP groups with Passwork roles and set up their automatic synchronization

Improved settings

We've redesigned all settings sections for a unified visual style and enhanced functionality, reimagined the logics of some settings.

Rights for links, tags, and password sharing. Previously, these settings were applied individually to each user. Now, they are applied to everyone with a certain level of vault access. For example, anyone with the “Edit” access rights or higher can create hyperlinks to passwords. These parameters are located in the system settings under the “Global” tab.

Change confirmation. We've added “Save” and “Cancel changes” buttons in system settings. Now, any changes to settings must be confirmed — this helps to prevent accidental actions.

Custom auto-logout time. Users can now set these parameters individually, and admins specify the maximum inactivity time period before automatic logout.

Language selection. In the new version of Passwork, admins can allow employees to choose their interface language.

Choose the required access level which will make it possible to send passwords, create links and shortcuts

Interface enhancements

Improved drag and drop. Now, when dragging and dropping passwords and folders into desired directories, Passwork displays selectable actions — move, copy, or create a shortcut.

Select folders and passwords, then drag and drop them to the required directory
Choose actions for the selected objects: move, copy, create shortcuts

Other improvements

Separate windows for access to the safe and additional access. Vault access info is now split into two easy-to-read windows. One window shows users who has access to a specific vault, and the other displays alternative ways passwords from this vault can be accessed — shortcuts, hyperlinks, or shared passwords.

Redesigned password action buttons. On the password panel, we've added the "Edit" button and grouped together all actions for additional password access via shortcuts, links, or direct user sharing.

Additional fields for password import and export. Passwork 6.0 supports the use of custom fields, that means you can transfer not only login and password but also additional information stored within password cards.

New notifications. Administrators will receive notifications about new unconfirmed users, and employees will be notified of new passwords in the "Incoming" section.