29 best useful services to protect your business

1. PureVPN

PureVPN, which is one of the best VPN apps for Android devices, operates a self-managed VPN network that currently stands at 750+ Servers in 141 Countries & promises the fastest speed possible. Since we own our network, there are no third-parties involved and NO logs of your activities.

2. SSTP VPN Service

SSTP VPN Service provides secure data encryption via SSL channels. It also comes equipped with data integrity verification for fluid data transmission without packet losses. What is SSTP VPN Protocol? Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is a VPN tunneling protocol that ensures the safe transfer of your online traffic by employing high-grade data encryption. Our SSTP VPN service makes sure that the data you send or receive is completely secure and safe from prying eyes, making us the most secure VPN service.

3. Detectify

Detectify is a web security service that simulates automated hacker attacks on your website, detecting critical security issues before real hackers do. We provide you with descriptive reports of the results so that you can continue to build safe products.

4. StopTheHacker

Everything you need to protect your website and online reputation StopTheHacker’s comprehensive suite of website healthcare services that safeguard your website, helping you prevent, detect and recover from a hacker attack. We catch more malware than anyone else, using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

5. SiteLock

SiteLock is the global leader in website security solutions. We are the only provider to offer complete, cloud-based website protection that finds and automatically fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website speed, and meets PCI compliance standards — all with 24/7 U.S. based phone support. See below for the complete list of the SiteLock family of products and services.

6. Pentest Tools

Pentest-Tools.com is a collection of ethical hacking tools which enables you to test the security of websites and network infrastructures from a remote location. You need to verify the behavior of a service from a different IP address. Your (company) firewall does not allow you to access some ports on the target system. The target system has blacklisted your IP address. You want to validate your tools findings using a different toolset. You do not have the tools from our website on your local machine.

7. Acunetix

Acunetix is the leading web vulnerability scanner used by serious fortune 500 companies and widely acclaimed to include the most advanced SQL injection and XSS black box scanning technology. It automatically crawls your websites and performs black box AND grey box hacking techniques which finds dangerous vulnerabilities that can compromise your website and data. Acunetix tests for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Injection and over 3000 other web vulnerabilities. It has the most advanced scanning techniques generating the least false positives possible. Inbuilt vulnerability management helps you prioritize and manage vulnerability resolution. Acunetix is available on premise and online. Get a free online account featuring one year of free network security scans or download the scanner itself!

8. Private Communications Corporation

Public WiFi signals in hotels, coffee shops, and airports are not secure. Anyone using the same hotspot can intercept and hack your communications. Your usernames, passwords, and other private information can be stolen out of the thin air. Private WiFi protects your identity and personal information by encrypting your WiFi signal. Everything you do online is protected with bank-level security, so you can surf, share, shop, and bank with confidence.

9. Mailfence

Mailfence protects you against a variety of security and privacy issues: eavesdropping on your Internet communication, government surveillance programs, unauthorized content analysis, email and identity forgery.

10. MsgSafe

Instantly create as many email addresses as you need - each associated with their own group of contacts. All email stored at MsgSafe.io is encrypted. Protect your entire family or organization by managing all virtual mailboxes and email addresses with the domain you already own. We are dedicated to actively improving privacy protection with innovative technology.

11. Hush Communications Canada Inc

Enhanced email security to keep your data safe. Hushmail is like your current email service – you can read and compose your email on the web, smartphone, and everywhere you work – but we’ve added important security features to help keep your data safe.

12. Sendinc

Sendinc ensures your messages are encrypted to the highest standards. There is no software required for you or your recipients, and you can use your existing email address. Most importantly - because Sendinc does not store encryption keys - only your recipients have the ability to decrypt your messages.

13. Virtru Corporation

Virtru is your data privacy force field, wrapping and protecting emails and files wherever they’re shared. It’s easy-to-use data security software that ensures audit and control

14. Beyond Security

Test for malware, SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities. Nothing to download or install, no interruption of your visitors. No password access is required.

15. SSL Labs

This free online service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet. Please note that the information you submit here is used only to provide you the service. We don't use the domain names or the test results, and we never will.

16. Sucuri Inc

Website Malware Cleanup Got Malware? Not sure how to clean it up? Sucuri specializes in hands-on remediation. We offer professional malware clean up without the hassle. No need for extra burden on your resources, we do it all for you Website Malware Scanning — sucuri scanners use the latest in fingerprinting technology allowing you to determine if your web applications are out of date, exploited with malware, or even blacklisted. Our Scanner also monitors your DNS, SSL certs & WhoIs records. Website Malware Monitoring — be at ease knowing you have Sucuri monitoring your site. We can identify if your site has been hit with the latest malware attack and alert you to take action. Receive alerts anytime anything changes via Email, Twitter, or RSS Website Malware Cleanup — Want the flexibility to schedule site integrity checks? You got it! Schedule scans of your sites to ensure your minimizing your security risks. You can also filter specific items on your site that change often, the power is yours.

17. Quttera

Get malware detection, blacklisting check, site clean-up services, and other essential tools for the safe and trusted website.

18. UpGuard

UpGuard discovers the configuration state of every information asset connected to your infrastructure, with or without an agent. Understand the baseline state of your infrastructure for complete awareness of even the most complex enterprise environments. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, configuration monitoring has never been this easy or scalable.

19. Skybox Security

With Skybox on your team, you have total visibility of your attack surface to contain cyberattacks immediately. Gain the advantage over threats with comprehensive vulnerability intelligence. Zoom in on security control gaps with cutting-edge cybersecurity analytics.

20. Akamai Technologies

In a faster forward world, innovation doesn't wait for technology. Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.

21. Cloudflare

Online threats range from nuisances like comment spam and excessive bot crawling to malicious attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks. Cloudflare provides protection against all of these types of threats and more to keep your website safe.

22. Trustwave

ModSecurity is a toolkit for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. I like to think about it as an enabler: there are no hard rules telling you what to do; instead, it is up to you to choose your own path through the available features. That's why the title of this section asks what ModSecurity can do, not what it does.

23. Zscaler

Zscaler is an exciting, high-growth technology company. As the most innovative firm in the $35 billion security market, the company is focused on bringing cloud computing to internet security. Just as Salesforce transformed the CRM market, Zscaler is revolutionizing the world of internet security.

24. StackPath

StackPath is the intelligent web services platform for security, speed and scale. It is the first platform to unify enterprise security solutions by leveraging collaborative intelligence that makes each service smarter and more secure with every threat detected, in addition to vastly improving the customer experience. More than 30,000 customers, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to early stage startups already use StackPath technology. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, StackPath has offices across the U.S. and internationally.

25. FireEye

FireEye understands cyber attacks and the threat actors responsible for them better than anyone else. FireEye learned that technology alone isn’t enough to combat cyber attackers, which is why our solution takes a three-pronged approach that combines innovative security technologies, world-renowned expertise, and deep threat intelligence capabilities. Unlike other solutions, we address the entire security operations lifecycle — every critical issue before, during and after an attack.

26. Integrity360 — CISO as Service

You trust your systems and procedures and the people on your team every day to deliver shareholder value and keep your customers happy. That trust is what gives you peace of mind. At Integrity360 we have earned the trust of over 300 of Europe’s leading companies from telecoms to banking, e-commerce to semi-states, education to healthcare and retail.

27. IPV Security

At the core of our methodology lies the focus on the customer’s business assets — i.e. analyzing the assets that are crucial to the business needs of the corporation and integrating them with a technical model of the IT systems and applications. The outcome is a holistic view of the Information Security Risks in the organization that is focused and prioritized on the immediate actions that need to be done in order to close and mitigate the critical security gaps. The services are offered on a continuous basis or as a one-time audit.

28. EthicalHat

Maintaining an Information Security System can be a lot of work, which is why many businesses employ Chief Information Security Officers to take charge of this responsibility. Unfortunately, hiring a full-time CISO can be very expensive, which may make it a less-than-optimal choice for small or new companies that are already overburdened with the many expenses and worries of maintaining a successful business.

29. FRSecure LLC

FRSecure is a full service information security consulting and management company. If you need anything security related, from assessments to social engineering to security training to policy development etc., give our team of experts a call and find out how to get our experience working for you.