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What OpenSSL is used for?

Most web servers across the internet and intranets alike use SSL certificates to secure connections. These certificates are traditionally generated by OpenSSL – a software library containing an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols. Basically, we’re looking at a core library, providing us with a variety of cryptographic
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What is a Self-Signed Certificate?

The SSL/TLS protocol’s job is to ensure security through authentication. It was designed to encrypt data transmitted over open networks and, as a result, protect against interception and spoofing attacks. TLS also authenticates communicating parties, which leaves us with a pretty trusting environment. It goes without saying that
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What is Transport Layer Security (TLS) & how does it work?

Let's imagine that you decided to google ‘best sauces for Wagyu steak’. You went through several web pages, and then on page two of the search results, you get this notification from your Chrome browser: Something went wrong, that's for sure. What happened? Should you proceed to the page without
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